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How to Care for your Luxury Lashes



Before and After care


Before Getting your Extensions 


DO come with a clean, make-up free face if possible. Avoid mascara the day of your appointment. It is best to have lashes applied by another provider removed prior to first appointment at luxury lashes . All new clients must start with a full-set.



DON’T saturate the skin around your eyes with moisturizers or oils.


DON’T curl or perm your lashes since this will affect lash bonding and curl, and subsequently, the look.



After Getting your Extensions


DO take caution when touching, handling or having contact with your eye area.


DO avoid humid environments like steam rooms, saunas, heated yoga rooms and tanning salons.



DON’T expose your lashes or the eye area to any wetness or liquid for at least 24 hours after your appointment. That includes water, sweat, oil, moisturizers or any liquid, or steam.


DON’T rub or scratch your eyes.


DON’T sleep on your face or on your eyes.


DON’T use sleep masks.


DON’T use facial masques that contain Alpha or Beta Hydroxy, Vitamin C or any kind of acidic substance. Acids breakdown the adhesive.


DON’T do a chemical peel or a facial steam.


DON’T use waterproof mascara/eye liner.


DON’T use a curler. Your lashes will snap off.





 How to Care for your Luxury Lashes